We’ve heard a lot about the EU’s forthcoming single-usage plastic ban, which should drastically reduce the usage of plastic straws, plates, cutlery and the likes.  Another plastic pollution contributor, with their single use plastic lids, are disposable cups, the likes of those served throughout the nations leading coffee houses.

A proposed ‘latte levy’ is being considered with a goal of replicating the success of Britain’s tax on plastic bags; something that has contributed towards their usage declining by around 80 per cent since the tax was introduced in 2015.

Although The Recycling Association’s chief executive, Simon Ellin, agrees that the law is designed to shift consumer behaviour towards cheaper, more environmentally-friendly alternatives, he admits that there are limitations such as forgetting to take your own reusable mug onto trains for coffee or tea.

The British Parliament issued their report earlier this month which proposes a 25 pence tax for every cup of drink sold.  According to the report, as detailed by NPR.com, 2.5 billion disposable cups are thrown away each year in Britain alone; a number expected to rise when one one considers the growth of coffee shops in the UK in recent years.

By using reusable cups and replacing other single usage plastic items, such as replacing plastic straws with greened eco-friendly biodegradable straws, we can all make a significant difference to the reduction of plastic waste.

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