As paper and biodegradable plastic alternatives become more widely available and cheaper, we all know that single-use plastic items, including straws, spoons, bottles and more, are coming to the end of their life.  With impending Europe-wide and UK legislation 2019 is surely the year to make that switch to greener, eco-friendly, biodegradable alternatives like paper straws or REPA biodegradable plastic straws.

However, a lot of damage has been done over the years and we need to ask ourselves, ‘what is the lifespan of single use plastics?” and “how long foes it take for a plastic straw to degrade?”.  Well, thankfully, the Evening Standard recently answered these questions.

Single-use plastic straws can take up-to 200 years to biodegrade.  Patented in 1888 and adopted throughout the world, ff you consider that the UK alone throws away an estimated 4.4 billion straws every year, that spells a lot of unwanted waste sticking around in our landfills. 

Make the change now.  Buy biodegradable plastic straws here and eco-friendly paper straws here.

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